Bui Thanh Tam (1979) - Vietnamese Young Girl

Bui Thanh Tam reviews human behavior and society in his paintings.

Tam Bui Thanh has made his presence felt over the past years by his works that are like manifesto about his criticism of the changes in the Vietnamese society.
As one can see in his serie of 'Crazy People.

This painting however he embraces the Vietnamese girl, depicted in traditional Vietnamese
style. He expresses his respect for the original Vietnamese culture that by a fast changing society can hardly survive.

This artist has participated in the exhibition 'Vietnam Now - Changing Society in 2014 curated by Vera Poelmann Wolfs and Martijn Kielstra of Canvas International Art Amsterdam. His work has been presented in Canvas Art Gallery Amsterdam and KunstRai Amsterdam.


  • Kunstenaar:
  • Bui Thanh Tam (1979)
  • Titel:
  • Vietnamese Young Girl
  • Categorie:
  • Schilderijen
  • Periode:
  • Hedendaags (1960-heden)
  • Jaartal:
  • 2013
  • Herkomst:
  • Aangekocht bij de kunstenaar
  • Materiaal:
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Afmeting:
  • 145cm x 128cm (B x H)
  • Prijs:
  • €5.500
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  • Aanbieder:
  • Type aanbieder:
  • Particulier