Bui Thanh Tam (1979) - Crazy People XXV

Bui Thanh Tam reviews human behavior and society in his series of paintings.

In his latest successful collection of paintings entitled ‘New Crazy People’ exploring the effects of the new hyper-materialism being embraced by many of his compatriots the artist depicts members of Vietnam’s recently minted class of nouveau riche who are focused only on money, social status, reputation and personal pleasure.

With their stylized faces inspired by Vietnamese water puppets, their icy smiles and their wide doe- eyed – stares he expresses the emptiness of nouveau riches totally lost in their luxury-filled, ostentatious, but ultimately meaningless existence. Their empty visages serve as masks behind which they hide their feelings of confusion and inadequacy.

For Tam, these fashionable but empty- headed people are slaves to their newly acquired tastes and appetites. In the thrall of Vietnam’s über-capitalist gold rush, they are like puppets manipulated by unseen hands along a luxury-filled, ostentatious, but ultimately meaningless, existence. Tam believes this phenomenon of eagerly consuming without thinking about the consequences is eroding the country’s unique culture and values.

This artist has participated in the exhibition 'Vietnam Now - Changing Society in 2014 curated by Vera Poelmann Wolfs and Martijn Kielstra of Canvas International Art Amsterdam. His work has been presented in Canvas Art Gallery, KunstRai Amsterdam.


  • Kunstenaar:
  • Bui Thanh Tam (1979)
  • Titel:
  • Crazy People XXV
  • Categorie:
  • Schilderijen
  • Periode:
  • Hedendaags (1960-heden)
  • Jaartal:
  • 2014
  • Herkomst:
  • Aangekocht bij de kunstenaar
  • Materiaal:
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Afmeting:
  • 128cm x 147cm (B x H)
  • Prijs:
  • €6.500
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  • Particulier