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About the artists:

Ego Leonard is a Dutch painter and sculptor, and possibly an anonymous guerrilla artist, whose works prominently feature outsized Lego figures. Sometimes the name also is applied to sculpture, apparently made by Leonard, which have been found on beaches at various locations in the world since the late 2000s. The sculptures are in the form of "minifigures", but constructed from fibreglass enlarged to two and a half metres in height, and have the message, "No Real Than You Are" in capital letters written on their torsos. The appearance of an "Ego Leonard" giant figure on Siesta Beach, Florida became number two on the Time list of the "Top 10 Oddball-News Stories of 2011." It is unclear whether Ego Leonard is name of a person or merely is a fictional character as the figure, but it is most likely a fictional name, as Ego Leonard can be reworked to read L, Ego or LEGO.


  • Kunstenaar:
  • Ego Leonard
  • Titel:
  • Solution
  • Categorie:
  • Schilderijen
  • Periode:
  • Hedendaags (1960-heden)
  • Jaartal:
  • 0
  • Afmeting:
  • 80cm x 100cm (B x H)
  • Prijs:
  • €4.500


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