Juliette Clovis - Elisabeth I

Born in 1978 in Poitiers. She lives and works in Paris

” Juliette Clovis is a young plastic artist who lives in a graphic world halfway between Pop Art and narrative figuration. Behind a very contemporary aesthetic, Juliette’s work gives a sociological overview on the present world. She mixes aesthetical codes in an unexpected way, creates uncommon crossings and offers a humoristic reflection on globalisation, the mixing of cultures and the evolution of our society and the people, especially women, one of her main topics. She mingles and intertwines the pictures of a transversal and global mosaic of cultures that go beyond history and generations. A humoristic way to say how cosmopolitan the contemporary world is.”


  • Kunstenaar:
  • Juliette Clovis
  • Titel:
  • Elisabeth I
  • Categorie:
  • Schilderijen
  • Materiaal:
  • vinyl op perspex
  • Afmeting:
  • 60cm x 60cm (B x H)
  • Prijs:
  • Op aanvraag
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